Special Package on the Custom Bentley Continental Supersports image

With one-by-one releases done since 2003, the Bentley Continental has always tried to revive itself.

Its Supersports model was announced in the year 2009 with limited production and now Bentley has set to tune its car to offer more amazing touch.

It is not wrong to say that Bentley has created one of the most beautiful cars in its range that draw plenty of attentions on the streets of US. To enhance its beauty the car has received a set of package including wide body, custom interior, custom Savini wheels, and custom paint. Altogether, it is a big deal of Bentley that seems to be experimenting with its Continental versions by releasing its first generation Flying Spur, GTC, GT Speed, GTZ, GTC Speed, Supersports, and the second generation Continental GT and Bentley ISR.

Besides the Savini Wheels’ wheel package, the MC Customs which is based in Miami, Florida has also delivered a luxury saloon kit – SV-31c Xtreme Concave.

Ever since the show of Supersports at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the car is running on both biofuel and petrol. With its 0-100 km/hr at 3.9 seconds, the car has achieved its top speed of 329 km/hr, which has made it a fastest as well as most powerful production that Bentley has ever created.

This has offered the Supersports a name which is widely recognized today as the best handling Bentley. Along with the special package, the Supersports is set to roar on the US roads.




by Sunita Mandal