[VIDEO] Specially designed Acura ILX gets 7,500 LED lights image

A one-off specially designed Acura ILX, which will be shown in several cities across the United States, has recently lightened up America with its 7,500 LED lights.

According to the Japanese based automaker, this very special Acura ILX has been designed by Acura and Metric, and the model has been created to draw attention, being a response to Metric’s new “Synthetica” album. Acura says that the special ILX took about 4,600 hours to make and it comes with 1,149 lines of interactive light programming for the 7,500 LED lights. The Acura ILX will be shown in several cities across the United States and more details on the model will be announced then.

As a quick reminder, the Acura ILX is coming with three different engines, all of them getting four cylinders, a hybridized 1.5 liter unit, which is producing a total output of 111 horsepower (113 PS 83 kW), a 2.0 liter engine with its 150 horsepower (152 PS / 112 kW) and a larger 2.4 liter unit, which is developing a total output of 201 horsepower (204 PS / 105 kW). You can watch the video with the Acura ILX and its 7,500 LED Lights below.