Those looking to buy a definitive British supercar will always hunt the exquisite Jaguar XJ220 and today they will be in luck because Tom Hartley Jr. so happens to have one “laying” around.

The beautiful Jaguar XJ220 comes from the year of our Lord 1993 and looks to have been kept very well – might we even dare to stay it’s in pristine condition. The supercar has been produced only between 1992 and 1994 and the Jaguar guys went over to Tom Walkinshaw Racing for some expert help in developing the model. Just 275 XJ220’s were ever manufactured and only 69 of them have the British right-hand drive layout – as is the case with the model for sale, making it even more exclusive. And if we’re looking closely we can also notice the car is one of the last to be produced because the key chain has been sporting the “No 261” emblem. By the way, in keeping up with modern times, the XJ200 up for grabs has been refreshed a bit by XJ220 specialists Don Law, now sporting an updated braking system for safer performance.

Further on, if you’re interested in this collector’s item, we can tell you it only had three previous owners – which is not very bad for any car – and more importantly it has only clocked a total of 6,027 miles (9,700 km), which explains the pristine condition. The Jaguar XJ220 with the 220740” chassis number has a “Spa Silver” paint and a grey leather interior and can be had for 325,000 British pounds, complete with the full record history and the original tool kit. By the way, it can still hit the top speed of 217 mph (349 km/h), which made it the fastest production car in the world back in 1992 when it was introduced.



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