SpeedART proposes rally-looking Porsche Macan image

While a few years back the Porsche aftermarket specialist SpeedART was actually going for bankruptcy protection, we see them emerge right back onto the big stage with a new customization for the Macan SUV.

The model has been sighted during the latest Porsche meet and greet event near Stuttgart, and carries the “SP-390M” letters on the back because that’s the insipid name of the tuning package for the Macan S model. With the stock form of the petrol-enabled V6 engine delivering a turnaround of 340 horsepower, the speedART interpretation has grown to a more capable 390 horsepower, with maximum torque also sprinting from 460 to 530 Nm.

SpeedART proposes rally-looking Porsche Macan 6

We’ll let you be the judge of the exterior design, but we can say the overall styling reminds us of the GLA 45 AMG Edition 1 that came out a few years ago. More interesting is the new suspension which uses bespoke KW coilovers, and the wheels are 22-inch Radsatz Typ SP9-SUV shod in 295/30 tires. While we’re no aerodynamic experts, we noticed the pack carries an air diffuser both front and back. We won’t argue though with the custom exhaust choice, which has four tailpipes. By the way, speedART also has a tuning pack for the Macan Turbo – which gets treated to 450 horsepower and the tuning specialist can also rework the iconic 911 series.