Spiderman lends its web to the Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept to grab you tight image

The Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept is not intended to fight crime, instead turning its attention to comfort as it lets the luxury Japanese brand imagine a more convenient way of sitting in the car.

Sitting in a dreadful car can be a pain as much as getting a comfy chair can morph the way you feel inside a car – the driver could become one with the machine or enjoy a relaxing cruise for hundreds of kilometers. During the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Lexus will deliver its spider-inspired idea of a new chair design called Kinetic Seat Concept. Instead of the classic upholstery-covered chair, the Kinetic Seat is akin to high-end office furniture due to its flexible, webbed panels. They simply disperse a person’s weight better, delivering a more comfortable ride on the long haul.


The design is also letting the cushion and backrest easily adjust to the driver’s weight shifts – Lexus claims the seat will stabilize a person’s head in motion and allow the person to better maintain steady forward vision. It also works around relieving the pressure on the muscles around the spine, so the passengers will feel more relaxed when they arrive at their destination. Lexus uses a synthetic form of spider’s silk, coming from microbial fermentation that creates a protein – through spinning is created an environmentally friendly material that also acts as a great shock absorbent.