Say what? Spiders force Mazda recall! image

The Japanese automaker announced on Thursday one of the strangest recalls ever: 52,000 Mazda 6 sedans from 2009-10 are being recalled because of possible spider webs.

“A certain type of spider may weave a web in the evaporative canister vent line and this may cause a restriction in the line,” warns the official recall notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If a spider does weave its tangled web there, it could prevent vapors from escaping the fuel tank and “eventually result in a crack, potentially leading to fuel leakage and an increased risk of fire.”

It has ordered 52,000 to be returned in America and an additional 15,000 recall from Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. There have been 26 reported cases of spider infestation in the Mazda 6 cars and all have been in four-cylinder engines, with the V6 engines unaffected.

According to Michigan State University, yellow sac spiders likely account for more spider bites than any other spider. They are found throughout the United States, except the northernmost states.

Dealers will inspect all the vehicles for cracks, clean out the vents, install a “spring to prohibit spider intrusion” and reprogram the powertrain control module to avoid a build up of pressure in the tank.