Spied – BMW 8 Series seen without camouflage inside-out image

A serious leak from what appears to be the inside of a BMW/Mini facility has given us the chance to observe without any sort of camouflage both the interior and exterior of the upcoming 8 Series.

It’s still unclear from where the images have been taken, but most likely we\re dealing with a BMW Group facility and a guided tour that also included a sneak peek of the 8 Series – usually security takes away all means of photography from the visitors, but of course every now and then some manage to circumvent their vigilance. The model depicted in the low resolution pictures – they seem to be legit, not fabricated – is probably an 850i or the 860i model with xDrive. The interior picture features most of the dashboard, meanwhile.

Spied – BMW 8 Series seen without camouflage inside-out 1

The series production model remains true to the 8 Series previewing concept, albeit most of the design has been watered down – and while quality isn’t great, we can observe some important details. First and foremost we can see there will be a new digital instrument cluster and a wide infotainment screen, packed inside what appears to be a new center console styling. Otherwise, the design of the controls is in line with most other BMW models, so as not to break with tradition.

Via Wilcoblok / Instagram