Spied – Fiat’s Mobi city vehicle smiles for the camera undisguised image

The Italian automaker’s upcoming A-segment car that will be launched in Brazil has been photographed barren of any sort of disguise – meaning the launch is drawing closer and closer.

The car has been rumored initially to come with the iconic “Topolino” nameplate – but in the end it appears Fiat Brazil will go for a “Mobi” designation. The model photographed here must be a near-production prototype out on final testing procedures prior to the model’s announced market reveal scheduled for April. The model will be smaller than the Uno and Fiat’s new city dwelling vehicle will come with a rather boxy design that will not bode well with Italian aficionados but will go some way towards delivering a spacious interior even as the vehicle is very short. The exterior design doesn’t adopt the cues from the new Brazilian Uno, but images coming from Brazilian media show the cabin is actually borrowing many cues – albeit with the Movi going for a more base-model appearance and atmosphere.

An important detail for such a small car is that the trunk’s cargo capacity is expected to be of 9.18 cubic feet (260 liters) with the rear seats in place. The model will be sold as a successor to the Fiat Uno Vivace and the Mobi will be offered after reaching showrooms exclusively with a 1.0-liter four-cylinder engine packing 73 hp (75 hp on ethanol), mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The local media is also calling out a newly developed 1.0-liter three-cylinder as a possibility further down the line – perhaps in 2017 – with the unit adding a little more oomph compared to the base offering. The pricing should be similar to the outgoing Uno Vivace, which now starts from R$ 30,010.

Via noticiasautomotivas.com.br