Spied in the metal: 2016 Kia Cadenza comes out for night session [gallery] image

Just the other day we saw the official reveal of the brand new 2016 Kia Cadenza, but now we can also bring the first photos in the wild of the spacious sedan.

Apparently the pictures here depict the South Korean K7 version, how the Cadenza is known back at home – but we’re expecting the international version to come virtually unchanged at least in terms of exterior design (the South Korean, US and European versions usually differ slightly in terms of technical details, in order to fulfill regulatory requirements). We’re looking at the 2016 Cadenza as a way more appealing offering than its outgoing predecessor. We have Zorro-shaped LED daytime running lights tucked neatly alongside the headlights to form a swept-back design and the four-point LED “ice cube” daytime running lights fitted to the bumper – they’re already a signature for Kia’s latest batch of models.

The similar “Z” design is also visible as far as the taillights are concerned, which are also linked through a massive chrome bar – the all new K7 / Cadenza also appears to be larger – albeit riding slightly lower – and while we have no idea what lied under the hood of the prototype that has been caught on camera, we do know the official pictures revealed by Kia the other day also used a “3.3” moniker. That means the Kia Cadenza will most likely inherit the new V6 3.3-liter twin-turbo most likely delivering 370 PS (272 kW) from the Hyundai flagship – the upcoming Genesis G90.

Via jimmy5148.blog.me