Some eager spotters of Autogespot have recently had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a mysterious Ferrari covered under a tarp and hauled on the back of a truck.

The entire car is out of sight because it resides under that flaming red cover and the rumor mill has gone wild on this one speculating that it could be hiding the body of the upcoming and confirmed LaFerrari Spider. We’re not going to put our salaries on this bet, but the fenders do appear to have virtually the same shape as a regular LaFerrari and the car appears to be lacking the roof. NO matter what’s actually underneath that engraved Ferrari tarp, the Ferrari LaFerrari when it does come out of the shadows will become the most sought after model from the company thanks to the incredible combination of extreme performance and open-air excitement.

Aside from confirming its upcoming existence, Ferrari has remained mum about the Spider, though speculation is the model could become official very soon. When it finally becomes available, we’ll see the Spider feature conventional doors and a removable roof made out of two separate panels. Power should come from exactly the same assembly as in the LaFerrari coupe – a 6.3-liter V12 engine assisted by an electric motor, for a combined maximum output of 963 horsepower.

Via Autogespot

Spied – Is there a Ferrari LaFerrari under the tarp


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