Spied – Is this the eagerly-anticipated Tesla Semi?! image

We need to take this with more salt than usual, but if it represents the real deal we could be looking at the first spied image of the Tesla Semi truck, which appears to adopt a very futuristic design.

It would be a natural choice for Tesla to bring the Semi to life with a highly modern aesthetics – signaling a much-needed departure from the conventionally powered rivals. We also need to clarify the fact this is not coming from our usual spy and leak channels, so there’s still a big chance we could be dealing with a serious case of Photoshop. The images was uploaded and removed a few times, with the Tesla Semi depicted on a tractor trailer. According to reports, the location might be in Kern County, California on an airstrip belonging to the Inyokern Airport, which is rather close – about 150 miles (240 km) north – from Tesla’s design center.

The design does have traits in common with the sole teaser image officially released so far by Tesla – so it might be the real deal after all (or the digital wizard used it as the basics). If you take a closer look you’ll also see the detachable wind deflector sitting on the ground behind the tractor trailer, which should provide the tractor with the classic semi view. We also noticed the lack of side mirrors and door handles – so this is a pre-production prototype, but most likely still carrying all the necessary design cues. Technical details are also scarce, aside from the yet to be confirmed alleged range of 200 to 300 miles (322 to 483 kilometers).

Via Teslarati