Mercedes may be the second best sold luxury brand in the world but it should really hire some detectives because it’s apparently unable to stop its new models from leaking out.

It may be a carefully designed marketing plot, but Mercedes has been very “reckless” lately about leaving its unannounced models out in the real world wearing no camouflage. After the E Class sedan leaked in every possible form – including complete official gallery ahead of official introduction – it’s time for the C Class Cabriolet to smile for the camera without any sort of “make-up”. We’re actually grateful for this treatment – just like in the real world when that happens to ladies – because now we know what to expect from the new generation open top.

The surprise is indeed not really a true surprise, as the C Class Cabriolet shares most of its DNA with the C Class Coupe, with the top replaced by a fabric roof and mildly tweaked rear that is actually there because there are structural changes to be considered when the top is tucked away. The A205 C Class Cabriolet will feature the well known proprietary AIRCAP automatic wind protection and AIRSCARF neck-level heating systems and the interior will mostly be a known affair – it would be the same as in the coupe but with the needed controls to operate the electrically-retractable soft top. The powertrains will also carry over from the Coupe with a wide array of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines that will be topped for now by the 362-hp biturbo 3.0-liter V6 seen in the Mercedes-AMG C43 Cabriolet.



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