Spied – Mercedes S Class facelift caught in the wild [videos] image

Revealing footage of the updated S Class executive sedan has been captured during prototype testing, and by the looks of the camouflage we’re dealing with a very subtle model changeover.

The 2018 Mercedes S Class will be presented with modified lighting and interior elements, and now we have the first clear indication of how the puzzle will rearrange itself. The current S Class packs a lonely strip of white LEDs curving around the inner edge of the headlight unit and they do the daytime running light chore. Next to it are the orange LEDs for the turn signals. The facelifted model will come with a different signature, with double strips of LEDs along the exterior edge of the headlights that appear to function as both DLRs and turn signals – there might be other changes as well, but it’s not something we can see as there is some duct tape. At the back we can see there’s tape on the taillights as well so modifications have been performed there as well.


The cabin features a switch from the classy yet quirky two-spoke steering wheel to a run of the mill three-spoke unit. The instrument cluster is now unified in a single sweep with the infotainment system’s display on the center stack – much like in the new E Class. The 2018 S Class is expected to make a first public appearance sometimes next year, either early on in Detroit or a little bit later during the Geneva Motor Show.