Sportec SC 200 Vw Golf 1.4 TSI image

Based on the little 1.4 TSi engine, the new Sportec SC 200 Vw Golf 1.4 TSI produces 147kW (200hp) – the same as the Golf V GTI – and 300Nm respectively. The Sportec SC 200 shaves a full 1.4 seconds off the 8.2 seconds taken by the VW Series for the sprint to 100 Km/h and is a full 3.2 seconds faster for the time taken to accelerate to 180 Km/h. Fuel consumption still remains favourable: it does, however, require the octane richer Superplus fuel (Super series) after its modification. Externally the only visible signs of the increased performance can be found in the Sportec sports exhaust, which, although visually very similar to the original, with its heartier tone and above all lesser back pressure ensures increased capacity and optimum use of the combustion chamber.






  • Viliyana Filipova

    Volkswagen Golf is the most popular car here in my country. I can see hundreds of advantages in this car in front of many more. Really the cars should be ecological and environmental. Really this car is covering all the latest requirements for eco-friendly car.