Spotted – BMW M4 CS flaunts its new body during commercial shoot image

BMW has recently redressed the 4 Series with an almost untraceable facelift but left out the fan-blessed and often-rumored M4 Clubsport. But it seems the car is coming up right around the corner.

The hardcore CS has actually been spotted while undergoing the traditional promotional shoot somewhere in California – and this only means the press-pack is getting ready to come to life. Among the interesting details we can see the CS apparently sporting a new blue hue unlike the existing San Marino shade – perhaps the rumored Marina Bay Blue color that will also become available for the upcoming M5. The body color is contrasted by the yellow calipers – it seems there’s a ceramic brake set taken directly from the sold-out M4 GTS.

Spotted – BMW M4 CS flaunts its new body during commercial shoot 1

Speaking of, it also seems to have borrowed the hood and out on the back there’s a more distinguishable trunk lid spoiler. The set of M Performance wheels has actually been previewed last year during the SEMA show and the redesigned back also wears a fresh diffuser and maybe a modified exhaust to bode well with the techy OLED taillights. The M4 GTS connections might not end with the hood as the engine below might get the same water injection technology, complete with 500 horsepower (368 kilowatts) and 442 pound-feet (600 Newton-meters) of torque.

Via Bimmer Post