Spotted – Ferrari 488 GTB sports modified rear, makes us wonder image

A mysterious Ferrari 488 GTB has been caught on camera recently, and with little information to go about we’re pretty much baffled as to what modification we’re dealing with.

The car has been caught around Maranello, with the mysterious 488 GTB sporting a seriously modded rear with bigger bumper featuring large air vents to assist with the cooling duties for the engine. The latter also features a reshaped cover and the third brake light is no longer visible above the prancing horse. We also noticed the dual exhaust tips and the diffuser which appear to be the only elements that remained the same as in the standard version – though if this is an ongoing prototype testing vehicle those might change as well. Going up front we noticed changes here also, with a pair of larger air intakes and some carbon fiber found on the bumper. There are also three central stripes in the Italian flag livery, and other changes may or may not be there as we couldn’t make them out because of the low resolution pics.

Now speculation ensues. A first choice may be the initial depiction of the 488 Speciale that should come out next year or in 2018 at the latest. If not, this could simply be a test mule for the new GT model confirmed by the brand’s Far East Managing Director Dieter Knechtel not long ago. This would be the much awaited Dino revival disguised under 488’s body. There is also the distinct possibility this is simply a unique 488 GTB commissioned by some affluent client – given that Ferrari has a long tradition of fulfilling such extravagant requests with one-off models.

Via Davide Cironi drive experience

Spotted – Ferrari 488 GTB sports modified rear, makes us wonder 0