Spotted – Ferrari GTC4 Lusso brings it’s A game to Portugal image

Ferrari decided to refresh the FF all-wheel drive model almost altogether, also changing its moniker to GTC4 Lusso – and since the official online unveil we haven’t had the chance to see it in the metal.

It’s true, the model has been pleasing the eye of the very rich at a series of private events but until now we were eagerly awaiting for the official public premiere during the Geneva Motor Show for the chance to touch and feel the family man’s Prancing Horse. But before that happens it appears the GTC4 Lusso has decided to showcase its credentials out in the wild. These pictures come from Portugal where it has been spotted easily by the local petrolhead community. The Ferrari has decided to get some action on the sunny side of the Old Continent while shooting a promotional video – that was clear since there’s also a Mercedes ML camera car.

The GTC4Lusso is sporting here the Tailor Made Nuovo Grigio Ferro Met shade we also saw in the press photos, but the real world picture show us the facelift is pretty much very close to the FF. We’re actually not very sad about this course of action, since the FF brought a novel, shooting brake aura to the Gran Turismo section. Of course, there will be purists that will never adopt such a model, but nevertheless the all-wheel drive offering from Ferrari plays a bit with the idea that a GT’s rear seats are not just for carrying the lady’s purse and your driving gloves.

Via Portugal Car Spotters

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