The 2016 Fiat 500 has been caught recently with no camouflage on its body while it was shooting its first promotional video.

Fiat has already announced a couple of weeks ago a facelift for the extremely popular 500 which will be officially unveiled on the 4th of July, so there is no surprise in the development of such a model. However, the car manufacturer was negligent enough to bring it on public roads in order to shoot its first promo and this is how the image posted above was “born”. Our colleagues from CarScoops, the source for this article, are saying that Fiat has pulled a “Porsche-style facelift” and we couldn’t agree more because spotting the differences is extremely hard.

The 2016 Fiat 500 has received a larger headlight and fog light, the LED daytime running lights, a slightly updated bumper with the new lower grille, the upper grille has been tweaked and the chrome trimmings have been repositioned. From previous images, we found out that the city cruiser has received more modern LED taillights, a different rear bumper, some chrome on the tailgate and several other tweaks. We also noticed the new15- and 16-inch alloy wheels. We are not sure at this time whether the carmaker will perform any changes to the engine lineup too, but chances are the answer to this question will be “yes”. Additional details on the updated version of the Fiat 500 are limited for the moment and will be announced on the 4th of July, when this will be officially unveiled.


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