Spotted in Dubai: Bertone Mantide image

Of course in Dubai – where else. Dubai is that place on earth, where you can sit and drink a coffee and return to the hotel with an Enzo Ferrari. Something strange?

Talking about “normal” cars and events, second Bertone Mantide that was sold for £1.2m was spotted yesterday parked somewhere in Dubai.


Bertone Mantide is half Corvette ZR1, half Italian model, nobody knows exactly. We know that this car, if we can call it so, has a better performance than the ZR1, due to its highly advanced aerodynamics and significant weight savings. The mantide’s 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds shades two tenths off the standard Corvette, while the top speed climbs by 12mph to 217mph.

Bertone plans to produce 10 Mantides at $2 million each. However at this moment there are only 2 in the world.