Spotted – McLaren 650S Le Mans seen on the street image

Today automakers are relying more than ever on their motorsport successes of the past, though when it comes to McLaren we can’t batter them for doing so.

That’s because of course the British make is so intricately linked to racing it’s part of their core DNA. As such, we have here the McLaren 650S Le Mans, which is a limited edition model of just 50 units designed to celebrate the Le Mans race of 1995. That’s because back then the McLaren F1 GTR took home the winning title but also the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th places. Naturally, the British specialists over at MSO decided to use the title nabbing #59 F1 GTR as their main source of inspiration for the fifty units of the 650S Le Mans. We have some rare footage of the very rare model out on the street, which depict the retro-inspired McLaren taking part in a supercar event in Belgium, also delivering the opportunity to revel a bit in the model’s soundtrack.

When checking the 650S Le Mans for differences from the regular models you should first check the roof, with this limited edition special series adding a snorkel-like air intake for the benefit of the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 sitting in the middle. There are also the retro-flavored 20 inch alloys at the back, while the front gets the same design but in smaller 19-inch form.

Via Gumbal