Spotted – McLaren 688 High Sport is back in the news image

The McLaren 688 HS has been doing the rounds of the rumor mill for some time, but the only thing we had on it to consider it real were some renders that appeared a few months back.

Those Internet-popping allegedly official renders showed the McLaren 688 HS to be a MSO thing that would reach the street in a 25-unit production run that was already sold out before actually reaching rumor stardom. And we also found out it was based off the regular 675 Long Tail – which in itself is a sold-out model. The limited-run special edition from MSO is now back in the news with more tangible effects – as we’re treating by the rumor mill to a real photo depicting the 688 HS next to a standard McLaren. Compared to the standard 675 LT, the new version will pack a roof scoop and a number of aerodynamic tweaks – including a massive rear wing inspired by the circuit-exclusive 650S GT3. The lineage seems to be perspiring from the carbon fiber winglets mounted on the sides of the front apron as well, and we might expect even more connections.

Since the name is a statement of the power, we already know the high-performance McLaren will pack 688 PS (678 hp / 506 kW) thanks to a modified implementation of the trustworthy biturbo 3.8-liter V8 engine. So far it’s unknown if the modifications will also include a diet compared to the standard 675 LT, which can brag about its 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint lasting just 2.9 seconds.