Tesla has made a huge impact on the automotive landscape since its inception, but it appears the true revolution is just about to start – all thanks to its new and affordable Model 3.

The base electric vehicle has been unveiled earlier this year and public interest was considerable if we take into account the fact that Tesla itself revealed that was not the final product design. And since we’re still about a year or more from the actual official market introduction, we can imagine the automaker is seriously testing the new EV to see if it can live up to the standards. Now a prototype in matte black was filmed cruising in Palo Alto, near Tesla’s headquarters, accompanied by two Model S vehicles. It doesn’t look like any visual changes have been operated and this might actually be the final design of the production version.

This is in line with the latest declarations from Elon Musk, who recently said they were ironing the last styling tidbits – and that appears to be going according to schedule. Speaking of the latter, Tesla needs to seriously up its credentials if it wants to satisfy the 400,000+ customers who already pre-ordered the Model 3, considering its latest quality issues with its Model S and Model X and the fact that important executives have started leaving the company. The Model 3 next year should hit the market starting from about $35,000 and have a decent range of about 215 miles on a charge.


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