Spotted – The Porsche 911 R with its green stripes already roams home Germany image

The 2017 Porsche 911 R has only been presented officially last month during the Geneva Motor Show and we know all units of this limited edition model are already spoke for.

So, we’re left to hunt the Internet for spotters of this magnificent machine. Luckily the ones that were careful to order one before it appeared are already taking it out for a few spins. As you can see this spotted 2017 Porsche 911 R adopts the green stripes and has been caught at home in Germany by DN Carspotting – though we’re all wondering why did the owner has decided to go for the controversial green stripes. Additionally, the stickers on the side – while black and pretty common among 911 models – combined with the green stripes may cause even further discussions.

But there’s another side to this discussion – if you’re one of the guys who managed to grab one of the 991-unit special series production roster do you really care if people don’t like your choice of color, stripes or decals? And you may be anyways busy enjoying the manual transmission that has been added here precisely to silence the detractors that have ashamed Porsche for axing the clutch pedal on the GT3 and GT3 RS. By the way, according to spy shots and rumors the facelifted GT3 is expected now to also go down the R route and have a manual box as an option.

Via DN Carspotting