Dutch sports car maker Spyker denied on Sunday it had plans to jointly bid for General Motors’ GM.UL Saab with Luxembourg investment firm Genii Capital.

German WirtschaftsWoche business weekly, in abstracts of a story to be published on January 18, said the two companies, which have been trying individually to clinch a deal to buy the money-losing Swedish carmaker, had now teamed up.

LONDON - NOVEMBER 26:  Bernie Ecclestone Chief...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Spyker Chief Executive Victor Muller, in a reply to Reuters via text message, responded “No,” when asked if Spyker was in contact with Genii about a joint bid for Saab or had changed its strategy.

Genii is backed by Formula 1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone.

Lars Carlstrom, who is coordinating the bid for Saab by Genii Capital and Ecclestone, told Reuters there had been some talks with Spyker’s Muller last week but that he could not confirm nor deny anything related to a joint bid.


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