Spyker D8 SUV going to Geneva Motor Show image

Spyker is planning to introduce the updated D8 SUV next year, during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, when the model is believed to make its public debut.

Spyker has big plans for its future models but sadly for the company these plans depend on the joint venture with Chinese investor Youngman. The P2P project is believed to become Spyker’s second model and, if it will be well received by the public, it will hit the production line. The final production version will actually be known as the D8 SUV and it will hit the market one year after the B6 Venator, which is scheduled for launch for early 2014.

The upcoming Spyker D8 SUV will be targeted at markets like Russia and China, whose customers love SUVs. The model is expected to be sold in approximately 1,000 units in these countries. According to the company’s chief, Victor Muller, the engineering for the Spyker SUV has been done but the carmaker apparently needs to “build the tools and put the car into production”. The 2014 Geneva Motor Show, which will open its gates in March, is expected to host the Spyker D8 SUV, but this will most likely be just a concept of the model. Additional details on the Spyker SUV are limited for the moment.

Source: Autocar