Spyker speculation about Saab may be true image

Official – Spyker Cars N.V., manufacturer of exclusive premium sports cars, has noted recent press speculation about the SAAB negotiations. Spyker confirms that talks are ongoing, the outcome of which is still uncertain. As SAAB is currently in liquidation talks must end soon.
Whitacre said talks with Spyker were progressing but there was nothing to report at the moment.

“We have not changed our direction on the wind down of Saab’s operations,” he said. “There have been advanced talks with Spyker but we have no deal to announce this morning.
“If and when we do we will let you know and that’s my only comment on the issue.”

Talking about his appointment as permanent CEO, Whitacre said: “I don’t think going permanent will change much going forward, I am just trying to do teh right thing for this company and its people. What this place needs now is stability.”