SRT Viper Convertible by Prefix gets detailed image

The aftermarket specialists from Prefix have officially released some new details on their SRT Viper Convertible, the so-called Medusa, which has been recently unveiled.

Owners of the SRT Viper will be glad to know that Prefix can turn their rides into convertibles with this brand new Medusa pack. The upgrade package has been recently teased out by the tuning company and now it is being detailed and it should be enough to make you want one, but keep in mind that these upgrades are anything but cheap and with exclusivity being “the bomb” these days, they will also get a limited production number.

The Medusa is basically an SRT Viper Convertible and the company has removed its fixed roof and added a retractable soft top. The rear end of the sports car has been also upgraded and this is enough to help it stand out from a crowd. The individually numbered plaque has been also added to the model in question, along with the painted X-brace under the hood, the special floor mats and some other tweaks. Money can buy anything, from the bespoke interior to the custom stripes, as Prefix is explaining. The conversion will set you back for 35,000 euros and the initial production will be limited to 10 units.