The impressive SSC Tuatara has a real chance of hitting the production line as the supercar in question should start its assembly in August.

Do you remember SSC’s (Shelby Super Cars) creation, the Tuatara? Well, if so, you should know that it should have been the fastest ever production supercar in the world, taking the crown away from the current Bugatti Veyron Super Sport or even from what seems to be the new record breaker, the Koenigsegg One:1. But with time, almost everyone has forgotten about it and it seemed that history will wipe it away, until this new report has made its way onto the web.

According to the guys from Tri-City Herald, Shelby Super Cars has resolved its funding issues and it is currently back on the track. The company is said to start production of the Tuatara at a new 40,000 square foot factory in August and a new facility should be opened in early 2015. SSC’s plan is to build 12 cars in the first year and the number to eventually reach 30 units. It remains unknown for the moment what engine the new Tuatara will have or if the company will change its exterior and interior looks.


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