SSC Tuatara to be made in Washington image

The North American based automaker SSC (Shelby Super Cars) is planning to put the Tuatara into production with the company investing in a new West Richland, Washington facility which will also host the manufacturing process, a showroom and an organizational center.

According to the, SSC will create 54 jobs within the next five years, with a potential of 200 in the future, while the medium salary will be about $40 an hour. SSC is also concerned in the environment says it would not harm wildlife, vegetation or cultural resources.

The SSC Tuatara is expected to be a direct competitor to the Bugatti Veyron and the supercar will be developing an impressive 1.331 horsepower from the 7.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine which will be mated to a seven speed manual transmission with an optional sequential one being also available.

The Tuatara has hit the Asian continent earlier this year and the supercar has been presented by the American automaker in Shanghai, which is actually proving that China will soon become the largest consumer of expensive cars in the world with the US falling on the second place.