Still, you can have the real authenticity sense of the original trilogy and none of the digital nonsense of the prequels – and hope the new installments stick like glue to the original recipe.

If you ever have the chance to ride this contraption you can pretend you’re either on the light side with Luke and Leia or one of the Endor-chasing evil stormtroopers. The customized motorcycle has been created by Vintage Works in Wisconsin who apparently like the “Return of the Jedi” a lot and decided to recreate that cool battle scene that takes place in the forest and includes a bevy of speed bikes. And the contraption does work, with the team also being flawless about the detailing. For example, at the push of a button you can lower or heighten the pneumatic suspension for a levitating-like effect just like in the movie. The foot pegs will also extend, while a sound system is in charge of delivering the Speeder Bike trademark noises.

The handlebars can also move to control the front flaps, though the clip you can see suggests this is not really the nimble future (or past) speeder bike from a galaxy far, far away. Of course, this thing is going to make diehard fans rejoice if they ever get the chance to ride it at a Comic Con or a Star Wars convention – not to mention a reenactment of the famous Endor scene. The design is also very well conceived – with a patina to the elements that make you believe it has flown many hours through the forest, or a very clever hiding of the rear wheel from numerous angles to amplify the floating sensation.



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