Stärke Revolution Speedster is a Boxster in Porsche 356 attire image

With rising prices for the classic air-cooled Porsches, you might want to get your fix on the vintage Porsche model through a more affordable solution – such as the one presented with the Stärke Revolution Speedster.

Stärke’s line of Revolution Speedsters comes as a “budget” alternative to hunting down a desirable 356 Speedster by using as the basis of the conversion the readily available Porsche Boxster, from the 1997 to 2012 generation. While the name says otherwise, Stärke’s shop is actually located in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the modern Boxster is transformed in the classic forbear. There are numerous vintage elements – rounded design, circular headlights, and each example is built to order, so there’s a huge degree of personalization involved if someone wants to.

Stärke Revolution Speedster is a Boxster in Porsche 356 attire 1

The cabin has both classic and modern cues – and the clients are again able to select the desired upholstery and trim colors. An infotainment touchscreen display in the center brings modern convenience, and you can personalize everything, down to the color of the convertible soft top. The powertrain comes from the Boxster, but you can also upgrade to a XR57 3.7-liter flat-six engine with 375 horsepower and carbon fiber body work. The base Revolution Speedster CS (Classic Series) kicks off at 59,950 after the owner comes with the donor car, but you can also specify the performance-oriented Revolution Speedster Outlaw for $79,950, which includes a wide-body version of the vintage body kit and a set of Bilstein adjustable coilovers.