If you really want to blend open air summer motoring with high speed cruising and you’re a fan of the four-ringed brand, relinquish your pain for not having an official RS3 convertible.

ABT Sportsline, a well-known aftermarket specialist, has you covered in this department. It takes the Audi S3 Cabrio and backs it up with no less than 400 horsepower thanks to its Power S package. The ABT Power S package means you get on your Audi’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder a bespoke control unit, as well as a sport catalyst in the exhaust to pack those meaty 400 horsepower. In case you think this is too much – or you’re short on cash – you can take the ABT Power package without the S and the exhaust modification to gain access to 370 horsepower.

Start the summer with ABT’s Audi S3 Cabrio Power S 4

ABT is not only tweaking the power, but it’s also making sure you’re able to use it properly. So the S3 gets sport anti-roll bars front and rear, while for the ladies you get fender inserts and ABT alloy wheels from 18 to 20 inch. Special door entry lighting that puddles the ABT logo on the floor rounds is a touch of flourish as well. By the way, the ABT Power S for the S3 Cabrio is spot on the 400-horsepower RS3 sedan – so in case you don’t want the wind in your hair, there’s also an official company choice.


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