State of the art Ford GT bests the F-35 fighter jet image

It’s not going to come off the straight line faster than the military airplane, but it’s sure going to beat it in terms of computing power – even though, you know, the other one has to be flown.

The F-35 can break the sound barrier, so at the end of the day, the pilot won’t hear the GT’s quicker computers… because you know, it out runs the sound of them. The Ford GT is fast though, thanks to its 647-horsepower engine that sends the power to a 3,000 pounds body – good for a maximum speed of 216 miles per hour. Since we all saw numerous stunts like this, we already know that on a straight line acceleration from zero, the GT would smoke Lockheed Martin’s new F-35A Lightning II – that’s of course until the jet was airborne.

More so, the Ford GT took first, third, and fourth positions at Le Mans in 2016, and the road going car takes corners just as fast thanks to the aerodynamics, but also the vast array of sensors, wiring, and computers that Ford says give it more computing power than the F-35. The automaker even has the stats: 50 different sensors talk to 25 computing systems, processing 300 MB of data every second, with 100 GB (or 100,000 MB) of data appearing every hour via the 10 million lines of software code.