Toyota has announced recall of a line of luxury Lexus Sedans that were launched in the United States and Japan. Just to fix a computerized steering problem, Toyota is recalling the models. Through this, total 4,500 Lexus LS vehicles will be affected in Japan, and in the United States some 3,800 LS models that were sold in the year 2010 will be affected. In the line, there are top-priced luxury sedan brand along with the LS 600h hybrid.

The largest automaker in the world is battered by a sequence of high-profile safety recalls in this recent months and said that consumers have complained about the steering wheels that are coming off- center all through the driving plans. As per the complaints, the steering seems to be out of alignment with the direction of the wheels of the car. In Japan, the automaker has received total 12 complaints, but no accidents have been reported due to the steering problems. Toyota has sold 7,000 Lexus LS sedans outside Japan, which consists of 3,800 models in the US, 150 models in Europe, and 800 models in China, along with the other models that were sold in areas like Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Australia.

Toyota has already being hit with a record $16.4 million fine in the United States and also faced strong government condemnation at home as well as abroad for slow responses to the safety problems. However, now the company is reacting as quickly as possible to fix the problem. The company on Tuesday has paid fine, but is still facing many state and federal lawsuits. The recent problem of computerized system that is related to how the steering wheel controls the tires have made the company to recall its models. The Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said ìThe system can take “a few seconds” to return the steering to normal after it has been adjusted, which led to complaints from drivers.

He further confirmed that Toyota is preparing to conduct a recall in Japan soon, but was not sure of the exact timing. The U.S. recall is expected on coming Friday. Well, in the Japan’s models, the steering system is standard. However, it is optional in few of the regions, depends upon the amount. In the United States, the company has quickly recalled nearly 10,000 Lexus SUVs in the month of April after the recommendation of the Consumer Reports magazine quoting not to buy the vehicle due to the failing of an emergency handling test. Due to the safety defects, the company has recalled over 8 million vehicles throughout the world, which then affected some of its best-selling models. The United States Transportation Department is now evaluating thousands of documents of the company and will issue new penalties for handling the other safety recalls.


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