Steve McQueen’s 911 was sold for over $1.3 million image

A 1970 made Porsche 911 owned by “King of Cool” Steve McQueen was sold for 1.37 million US dollars at an auction in Monterey, California, becoming the most expensive 911.

The iconic car was featured in Steve McQueen’s “Le Mans” movie and was also his personal ride during the movie’s production and later it joined his own stable of extraordinary cars in California.

The auction started at a “low” price of 200.000 dollars and went up “a bit” to $1.25 million, which added $100.000 auction tax.

“King of Cool’s” former personal car ran only 180.000 kilometers in its 41 years of existence and its new owner will probably keep it in a garage battling with the “mighty” dust.

The RM auction house has currently sold 199 cars priced at over 1 million dollars, so the vehicle with the number 200 on it will come soon.

The Porsche 911 auctioned at 1.37 million dollars was the most expensive 911 ever sold at an auction.

  • Lee

    What the hell kind of number is that? $1.375.000? I thought journalists had to have a degree. Do you really have to be a mathematician to see this numerical anomaly? My kids would have said it sold for one dollar and 37-1/2 cents. At that price I would have bought two!

  • Guest

    It's not so much the decimal points that get me. It's the fact that the writer uses so many "____" in this article. "Low", "bit", and "mighty" dust? Come on!