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In an interview with The Metro, Sir Stirling Moss, has said that Michael Schumacher is “probably past it”.

Asked if he could understand 41-year-old Schumacher’s decision to return, Sir Stirling said: ‘In a word, no.

“He’s a highly intelligent bloke, and I really can’t see… all he’s going to do is damage his achievements,” said Moss. “People are going to say he’s past it now, which he probably is.

“People say he’s the best because he has seven world titles, but that doesn’t mean anything really. Well, it does mean something – it’s a hell of an achievement – but it doesn’t mean he’s the greatest ever.”

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Moss also said 2010 was the first time Schumacher had experienced pressure from within his own garage, given the impressive start Nico Rosberg has made to his Mercedes GP career.

“We’ve never seen Michael with a number two who’s been comparable,” he said. “He had Rubens Barrichello who no doubt is an extremely good driver, but not necessarily a winner.

“Ross Brawn and those chaps brought Ferrari from being has-beens back to the front. Because he didn’t have a comparable team-mate it was very difficult to know how much of it was down Michael and how much was the car.”

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