Not long ago we told you the story of one late luck strike for a whose stolen car was found 33 years later. Now, we can tell you the duo happily reunited.

George Talley, which had its beloved Corvette stolen in 1979 and never was reimbursed for the loss by the insurer – making him the legal owner of the found car – took delivery – courtesy of GM – in front of a crowd of reporters and TV cameras of his long lost silver Vette. The Detroiter, now 71, was a former employee of General Motors, saw the carf or the first time since 1981.

“I couldn’t sleep last night,” said Talley. “I’m excited.” “We were able to help a customer and make a friend,” said GM spokesman Terry Rhadigan, who orchestrated the reunion. “It’s a good story.”

“Fortunately for George, we all are glad to see him get this particular car back,” said a friend, Howard Thompson, 67. “Some people lose a diamond ring. This is George’s diamond ring.”

The car was found last month in Mississippi and GM executives – hearing the story – offered to get the car back, as the retired Talley was worried about the retrieval costs. The happy owner said he was going to keep the car, which since it was stolen had black trim added and showed numerous signs of wear, aiming to sell one of the two cars he owns – either a Ford Escape or a Volkswagen bug.


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