How about having your luck arriving late? That’s what happened to George Talley, the US owner of a 1979 Chevrolet Corvette. He lost it more than three decades ago and now was found and brought back by GM back to him.

Talley’s 1979 Corvette was stolen and only recently found and recovered in Mississippi – a story that General Motors officials heard of on the radio, so they decided to surprise the owner – a former employee of the automaker, by offering to bring it back to him.

“The investigation is ongoing regarding the vehicle’s history and whereabouts during the past three decades,” said the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation officials.

“I said, ‘This isn’t no joke. They wouldn’t be joking with me because I don’t think they have time to play with me,’” Talley said about the Michigan State Police call he received. “I was shocked.”

After police recovered it, the Michigan Southwest Commercial Auto Recovery unit, the state’s police and the National Insurance Crime Bureau back traced the ownership to Talley, which was never repaid for the theft by the insurer – thus remaining the legal owner of the car. He last saw his beloved car – he’s a Corvette lover, owning four different models – in July 1981.


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