Stolen, crashed Tesla Los Angeles driver succumbs to injuries image

On July 4 – the traditional Independence Day weekend – a thief decided the time is nigh to snatch a luxury electric car, namely Tesla’s Model S sedan.

Unfortunately for him, he was quickly spotted and a high-speed chase ensued. Unlike action films, where the lead actor usually disbands the pursuing cops thanks to…CGI, in real life such a chase usually results in a crash. The horrific accident ensued, with the Model S hitting several cars, injuring seven other people, and ending split in two by a light pole and in flames.

The thief, identified by Police as Joshua Michael Flot, 26, of Inglewood, California, was taken into custody and to the hospital to treat his injuries. Today, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s department announced that he died on July 7, with his identity and death withheld from the public to allow family members to be notified.

“We are saddened by the harm that resulted from the July 4 theft and crash,” said Simon Sproule, a spokesman for Tesla. “We are assisting the authorities as needed as they continue their investigations.”

He took the Model S early July 4 from Tesla’s service center in west Los Angeles, according to a Los Angeles Police Department report. He tried to outrun police but hit at high speed other vehicles on the La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood, with the car striking a pole and splitting in half – the driver thrown out of the car, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire Department.

Via Bloomberg