Street-legal Ford GT race car to be produced image

The Ford GT race car will get a street-legal which will be produced by RH Motorsports in collaboration with The GT Guy LLC, who have established a partnership for this model.

When you hear about a conversion of the Ford GT race car into a street-legal vehicle you probably think that the North American based automaker has something to do with it, but in this case, the model will be made by RH Motorsports and by The GT Guy. According to the two companies, the street-legal version of the Ford GT will be inspired by Matech’s GT1 racecar.

“The idea was formed about three years ago as I sat pouring over pictures and brochures presented by Matech on their new GT1 car and dreaming of being able to drive it on the street. This was the ultimate expression of the Ford GT in my mind, and while it started creating waves across Europe and on the track the dream of having a street legal version became stronger and stronger”, said Ray Hofman, the owner of RH Motorsports.

The engine lineup available for the GT1-S (silver) will include the 600 HP (447 kW) unit, the 760 HP (567 kW) from the 5.4L version and the twin-turbo with 1000 HP (746 kW). The GT3-S (white) will be more of a conversion for the current GT owners who will get tuning packages in various configurations.