Strong Demand for Toyota Prius c, Limited Production image

Toyota tries to face the strong demand for Toyota Prius c by drastically ramping up production for this new hybrid model.

Toyota currently produces 6, 000 units per month for the U.S. market and it doesn’t plan to launch additional production of the hybrid car in the States. The model was launched in this country on March 12th and until March 15th it has already sold 1, 201 units, these three days beating Chevrolet Volt (1,023 sold) and Nissan Leaf (478 sold) sales for the entire month of February, but also other Toyota vehicle February sales: the Toyota FJ Cruiser (1047 sales) and Land Cruiser (122 sales), Scion iQ (864) and xD (818), Lexus HS250h (150), Lexus LS (517), Lexus GX (703), and Lexus LX (383).

American sales of the Prius c may meet a difficult time since the Japanese market already has a 120,000-car backlog of orders, and because of the struggling yen-dollar exchange rate, the company may take into consideration selling cars domestically where profits may be higher. 30,000 cars are being built per month in Iwate, Japan, meaning 360,000 annually from which about 20% are sold outside the country.

Because of the strong demand, Toyota will make a series of changes to improve efficiency and speed at the assembly plant and will also move assembly of the Japanese-market Toyota Ractis from Iwate to a different plant in Japan. The company declared that it doesn’t have any plans to build the model in the U.S., despite the strong demand there.