Studie AG BMW 5Gt Safari image

What? A BMW 5 Gt for the army ??? Well no … not yet.

For those who don’t know, Studie AG, is not from Germany. Studie AG is one of the largest Japanese dealer and distributor for BMW.

Well fine – nothing interesting till now. To get public attention, the Japonese company unveiled today the Safari 5 GT. Why they named Safari ? Well probably because of the color they chose – a flat green paint.


To attract even more attention, Japanese tuner installed a front half bumper cover from AC Schnitzer. But it was slightly modified to add a pair of LED driving lights to keep it unique.


The wheels are AC Schnitzer Type IV wheels measuring 19×8.5 in the front with a +15 offset, and 19×9.5 in the rear with a +21.5 offset.