Study claims traffic issues will continue even after the introduction of autonomous cars image

Automakers and high tech companies are looking to become the revolutionary providers of the car of tomorrow – arguably one that has full autonomous capabilities.

The silver lining is easy to spot from the start – driverless cars are thought as being much, much safer than the ones driven by humans. They should reduce the number of traffic fatalities pretty close to zero – some even say that marvelous figure could also be achieved (we don’t think so but it’s a different debate). In addition, autonomous cars are apparently much more efficient when it comes to sharing the roads with other cars. This is because self-driving vehicles will not only talk to each other but also with the infrastructure, so they would make informed decisions that can positively impact traffic.

But apparently there’s a massive drawback. Before things get better – just like any other aspect of real life – they will get worse. According to a recent study coming from UK’s Department for Transport, the initial introduction of autonomous cars will make congestion worse. Apparently the British roads will get 0.9 more congested when one in four cars would be equipped with driverless capabilities. In time – when the penetration surges above the 50 percent threshold, the traffic will ameliorate. The reason is apparently, again, humans – the autonomous cars will get bullied in traffic by the people not resisting the urge to make life harder for the autonomous cars and their passengers.

Via The Daily Mail