Study: Drivers feel less safe now compared to five year ago image

A majority of Americans express some opinions consistent with a belief that traffic safety is a serious social issue that warrants attention. According to a survey for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than half of drivers said driving feels less safe now than it did five years ago.

In response to an open-ended follow-up question, driver cell phone use was the first reason cited by 20% of respondents, and 26% overall mentioned drivers using cell phones as a reason.

In total, 41% cited drivers using cell phones, texting, another specific distraction, or inattention in general as the first reason why driving feels less safe today; 44% mentioned at least one of these as a reason.

Other leading reasons cited by drivers who reported that driving feels less safe today included aggressive drivers, increased traffic volumes, and speeding.

Moreover, 3 in 4 Americans (74%) agree that they would benefit if the government were to give more attention to traffic safety issues; 41% strongly agree.

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