Study finds British drivers are too lazy to wash their cars image

A recent survey finds that almost eight out of ten British drivers are too lazy to wash their own cars.

78 percent of people surveyed said they opted for having the car washed by someone else when asked whether they still clean their vehicles themselves of preferred a hand car wash service. The reason is simple: drivers believe car wash employees do a better job for an acceptable cost.

90 percent of women prefer to pay to have their cars washed, while only 69 percent of male respondents preferred to let someone else clean their car. The rest see the task of washing the car as a weekend leisure activity.

The poll, conducted by Central Contacts, a car leasing company, also highlighted a significant generation gap, as those aged between 21 and 35 preferred to pay to get their car cleaned. The main reasons for not washing their vehicles included leading a busy lifestyle, boredom with the task and being too lazy. As for the amount spent on getting a car washed, costs varied between £3 and £25 per time, with the average coming in at £7.

“I am surprised to see how many people do not wash their cars and prefer to pay to have it cleaned. It is interesting to see that the younger generation are more inclined to avoid washing their vehicles and it is rather disappointing to see,” said a spokesperson for Central Contracts.

Source: The Telegraph