Study finds the wackiest driving distractions in the US image

Research and numerous documentations have shown that in America, a little more than 50 percent of all traffic crashes have distracted driving at least as a contributing factor.

The usual suspects are talking and texting on a mobile phone, while such mundane tasks as changing radio stations, discussing with the kids, singing to a favorite station or eating also run high in statistics. But, according to a survey conducted for Erie Insurance, a firm in Pennsylvania, some motorists engage in truly out of the world activities when tasked to navigate their car – including that new Western cultural trait of taking cell phone selfies. At the end of the research, the study found that 42 percent of all drivers say they had at least one form of distracted driving behavior, with 20 percent saying they only engaged in such negative activities when driving alone. “A distraction is anything that causes a driver to take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, or their mind off their primary task of driving safely,” comments Doug Smith, the senior vice president of personal lines at Erie Insurance.

Because we’re mere mortals, let’s set aside the associated danger factor and see which were the oddest distracted driving activities when behind the wheel. First off, 15 percent were on a romantic encounter via an Internet enabled smartphone, tablet or PDA. Then, grooming came at a similar movement – with combing or styling hair. Changing clothes came in third with 9 percent. Putting on that stylish make-up was fourth, with 8 percent. Because having a beautiful face without perfect teeth means nothing, fifth came brushing/flushing the teeth, with 4 percent. Taking selfies came in at a similar level of 4 percent. Then at least 3 percent of the interviewed subjects admitted to changing drivers and another 3 percent went to bathroom when driving!

Via Forbes