Study: Male Car Buyers Focus on Size While Women on Efficiency image

A recent study made by on the car buying habits of the sexes, shows that when it comes to cars men focus on size while women on efficiency and price.

The top 3 best sold brands for women were Mini at 46.2%, Nissan was No. 2 with 45.7% and Kia third with 45.6%, while the top 3 best sold brands for men are Ferrari with 92.5%, Bentley was the No. 2 brand with 83.4% and Maserati having 82.8%.

“The price point for many of the cars and crossovers women buyers wanted started at or below $25,000, while men tended to spend more money for their vehicles,” said Kristen Andersson, senior analyst in a news release.

The study shows that women focus on smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles while men are attracted by fast exotic cars, big pickups or SUVs. The number 1 car bought by men was Porsche 911 and by women the Volvo S40. Twelve out of the top 20 brands that the most men turned to were luxury or exotic brands and the rest of the chosen brands included SUV or full-size truck brands such as Land Rover, GMC and Ford.

“The SUV and truck heavy mix of the domestic automakers continue to generate a disproportionate number of male customers,” said Jesse Toprak, vice president of Market Intelligence at in their news release, “while the exotic brands remain to be the best medicine for a midlife crisis.”