Study: UK Businesses Don’t Choose EVs image

A recent study made by ALD Automotive in the UK shows that 60% of company drivers will not choose an electric car over their conventionally powered car.

Around 78% of those questioned said that they would not choose an electric car because of the limited range of the current generation of EVs, others claimed that other disadvantage would be the currently underdeveloped charging network. All in all this study shows that EVs still have a long road ahead until they convince the old fashioned drivers. Only 32% on those questioned said they would choose to change their traditional car for an electric one, out of which 6% being absolutely sure of their choice.

Unfortunately there are still enough reasons to make a driver not buy an electric car, but as we move forward in time these will become fewer and fewer. In about 5 to 10 years there will be models to choose from, which in 2005 for example seemed unreal. We will be able to choose from classic diesel, petrol and hybrid models, range-extenders EVs and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, it will be just a matter of choice.