Stunt to sell Volvo Trucks – Performed on two moving semis on highways image

Though it seems crazy, but it is a fact that a lady performs tightrope walk between two running semis for the sale of Volvo trucks.

This is almost like inviting death and cheating with it. There are many other ways to perform stunts, but this stunt is the most attention seeker. Two semis running parallel and a tightrope tied to both the semis was the only support she had. However, this is not a regular stunt and it has to be unique for selling Volvo Trucks. This is a dramatic marketing strategy that invites both – Faith Dickey, the world record-holding funambulist and Peter pedrero, the Hollywood stunt coordinator. This stunt was performed to record and show the masses how the new FH series semi trucks would be with precision and control.

This is strange to see even truck companies gearing up with marketing strategies to roll up their products in the market. The video shows trucks cruising on a deserted stretch of highway based in Croatia and heads for a divided tunnel in a mountain at a distance of 80 km/h. Dickey wears safety cable to avoid accident or fall, but has to attain the goal before separate tunnel arrives and breaks the rope.

Check out the exclusive video below and see how exhilarating Dickey’s stunt is.