Subaru BRZ Convertible is uncertain image

The Japanese based automaker Subaru hasn’t taken a decision yet on producing a convertible version of the BRZ.

While its sister car, the GT 86, is getting ready to receive a convertible version from Toyota, things aren’t looking so bright for the Subaru BRZ. According to the car manufacturer, a decision on producing a drop-top variant of the BRZ hasn’t been taken yet and when thinking of the fact that in some markets 10 GT 86s have to be sold until 1 BRZ is delivered, a convertible version of the Subaru sports car might never see daylight.

While the Subaru BRZ is struggling to remain on the market, things are looking great for the Toyota GT 86. The model is enjoying several awards and it’s a best-seller in its category. Toyota has even unveiled the FT-86 Open Concept during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, which will hit the market later on this year as the GT 86 Convertible. Toyota is also planning to develop a more powerful version of the GT 86 over the following couple of years, along with a hybrid version, which should maintain its performance while severely cutting the CO2 emissions and improving the fuel consumption.